Black Chair Consulting works with small and medium-sized businesses in Manitoba to develop repeatable processes that increase profit and growth in a predictable way. Since 2008, we've relied upon the intersection of technology, business, and creativity to help our clients grow. Here are some examples:

  • We've helped more than one hundred small businesses establish their online marketing channels through websites and social media.
  • We've increased organic search engine traffic for our customers by as much as 100% per year.
  • We've guided large, multi-vendor projects to successful completion, on-time and in-budget.
  • We've helped our clients make sense of the market, choosing the right third-party technology products and services for their business.
  • We've produced original photo, video, and social media content for international brands.
  • We've developed custom web, mobile, and embedded software tools and integrations that have consistently produced 10x ROI for our clients.
  • We've provided software expertise to Silicon Valley startups.

We would be honoured to work alongside your company. If you'd like to discuss that possibility, please contact us.