"Hi I'm Matt. And I'm Dave. Together we are Black Chair, where science is design and development is art."

We had that printed on our very first business cards, back in March 2009. It probably confused some people, but we were trying to say that we're a different kind of company. We understand data, and we understand creative work.

If anything, that approach has only become more relevant in the years since our first business cards. Your target market doesn't watch TV commercials, and they probably don't listen to the radio. They control their attention budget, and if you want a piece of it then you'd better be saying something that they care about. Something that is not only genuine and authentic, but also interesting.

We help our partners develop content strategies (for a variety of channels--social media, conventional media, blogs, podcasts, etc) that meet those criteria. It's an essential part of the sales and marketing approach that we preach and (try to) live by: turn strangers into friends, and friends into customers.

We would be honoured to work alongside your company.

Please contact us for more information, or get a free lunch with David Noël-Romas (our President).