It is well worth it. A lot of great information and ideas. Very well thought out and put together.
— Todd Bergman, Bergman Lawn Care

It’s no secret that social media represents a huge shift in the way that people communicate with each other. Of course, it also represents a huge shift in the way that businesses communicate with their target customers. Small businesses have always relied on word of mouth more than any other marketing channel, and today’s word of mouth happens on social media.

Our brand new “Boot Camp” training course is all about empowering you and your team to amplify that social media word of mouth. Whether you work with an agency like ours or handle your marketing in-house, the front-line employees of your business need to understand what’s happening in the world of social media. Similar to a physical storefront, there are aspects of your social media presence that cannot be outsourced—they rely on the professionalism and wherewithal of your company’s front-line team.

Level I

Create. Display. Convert.

Our one-day classroom session covers the following topics:

  • Content: What makes excellent social media content? How do we get it? (Hint: not stock photo websites!)
  • Distribution: How do Facebook and Instagram’s ranking algorithms affect us? How can we target our post distribution effectively?
  • Conversion: How do we measure effectiveness, and what options are there for improving it? What is the correct budget (both time and money) to allocate?

Classroom sessions are fully catered and include a printed copy of “The Marketer’s Cookbook” to support the day’s lessons

Price: $600 per attendee

Level II (Optional)

Strategy Build + Implementation

An on-site full-day session includes:

  • Social Media Audit: Our social media experts will go through your current social media content and help to create a strategy that works for your budget and your time.
  • Creating Daily Content: We walk you through the mechanics of creating daily social media content tuned to your business.
  • Targeting Your Audience: We talk about who your core audience is and what tools are available to target that audience, maximizing your budget’s performance.

Bring your team up to speed on your social media marketing plan and train staff responsible for its implementation by getting personal attention with our on-site session.

Price: $2,000 per day


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